About us

Our family fishing began in 1949 when our grandparents Desmond and Dorothy Creighton bought their first fishing licence. They paid 2 pounds which they borrowed off a fellow neighbour as they couldn’t afford it at the time.

Over the past 69 years we have partaken in a range of different fisheries including
  • Handling
  • Tuna poling
  • Beach hauling
  • Scallop dredging and exporting
  • Lobster trapping
  • Drop lining
  • Longlining

In the 1980’s my father took over the family business and continued fishing primarily in longlining in the Eastern Tuna and Billfish Fishery.

Up until the early 2000’s the business continued unchanged. Dad would go out fishing then send his catch either to Sydney, Melbourne or export the better quality fish to Japan for sale.

In 2008 my brothers took over the fishing side of the business from my father, who then returned to fishing in the state fishery.

After completing a business degree in the USA I returned home in 2013 and created Narooma Seafood Direct.


When establishing Narooma Seafood the whole objective was to maximise our return on our product by generating new markets, while also creating employment for family members so that we could stay in the local area.


In 2014 after Narooma Seafood had been operating for a year we decided to reinvest into the fishing sideof the business by designing and building a state of the art longline fishing vessel Our previous boat Fisco1 was built in 1971 and had been part of family for the last 23 years, due to our new vertically integrated businessit was now a good time and opportunity to moderniseour vessel.


The new Vessel D&D is named after our grandparents Dotand Des who started the family fishing business out of Narooma in 1949. It is a 25 meter long, 10.5m wide custom designed Aluminium catamaran. This will open the door to many new Opportunities for our business including:

  • Direct export off the boat
  • Onboard processing
  • Access to a larger fishing area
  • Improved safety and working conditions

The vessel will be completed in October and begin operations in November 2017.

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